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These days, all our routine business to personal works are maintained by MS Excel sheets. Apart from the beneficial features, Excel has some drawbacks too that can hamper all your important work by making the whole spreadsheet application inaccessible. One limitation is that the Excel files are susceptible to error, damage, and corruption and often get damaged and become corrupt.

To repair corrupted or damaged Excel files, the Excel recovery tool has been uniquely designed to provide one- stop solution to all sorts of corruption issues in MS Excel sheets. Developed with advance features, this recovery tool is completely capable of repairing both the .XLS and .XLSX files. Actually this repair excel tool internally makes use of quick and advanced repair algorithms to quickly repair the damaged and corrupt Excel files. Additionally, it has the ability to repair even heavy or bulky Excel files.

This repair excel 2010 software utility successfully recovers entire data including tables, headers, footers, data structures, table cell data, hyperlinks, complete formatting and formulas. It permeates with an integrated mode comprising Single File Mode and Multiple File Mode. Both these recovery modes are meant for repairing the damaged and corrupt Excel files. However, they differ from each other with the fact that the Single File Mode can repair only one Excel file at a time; on the other hand, Multiple File Mode can repair more than one corrupt Excel files simultaneously.

Free trial version for you.

The Repair Excel 2010 tool is available with its evaluation copy which can be downloaded for free. The users can easily download the software and experience the various features, capabilities as well as performance of the tool.

This free trial version is quite similar in functioning with the complete version of the repair corrupt excel file tool. However, there is one difference and that is the free trial version does not let you save the recovered results. In order to save the recovered results, you need to purchase the complete version of the software.

Prominent features

Some of the very prominent features of the repair Excel tool are mentioned below:

  • Repairs and recovers Excel files created using MS Office 2010/2007/2003/XP/2000
  • Salvages formulas: This Excel recovery tool is totally capable to recover formulas.
  • Comes with an integrated mode of two recovery cycles which are Single File Recovery Mode and Multiple File Recovery Mode. Single File Recovery Mode can repair a single Excel file whereas the Multiple File Recovery Mode can repair multiple Excel files.
  • Recovers or salvages password-protected Excel files: This repair corrupt excel file tool has the ability to recover or salvage even the password-protected Excel files; the only condition is that the password must be known to the user.
  • LIVE Update feature: Comes with LIVE update feature to constantly upgrade the software with the latest version.
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